Iced Earth – I Walk Among You

I Walk Among You is a new single / EP by Iced Earth from the upcoming Something Wicked Part 2 album. This new EP marks the return of former vocalist Matt Barlow. I am very happy about this, since I prefer Barlow above Tim. Let’s start the review now shall we?

This EP features 3 songs, a new one ( I Walk Alone ) and 2 tracks from Framing Armageddon ( Setian Massacre and The Clouding ) which are newly mixed versions featuring Matt Barlow. Let’s start with the new song, I Walk Among You. This song is pretty bombastic and starts with nice drums and solid riffing. There it is! Barlow marks his return with the words ” I am your inner fear ” , Barlow is back! Barlow sounds just as good as he did on Horror Show 7 years ago, his voice hasn’t changed a bit. The chorus is pretty catchy in this song and the instrumental part is nice as well. Overall a nice track, but nothing special.

I can be very short about the re-recordings, these are superior when compared to the originals. Don’t get me wrong, Tim did great on the originals, but these new versions destroy the originals. I wasn’t a big fan of Framing Armageddon, but they certainly picked two of the better songs from that album. The Setian Massacre was without a doubt one of the best songs from Framing Armageddon and this new version with Barlow sounds more brutal, Barlow nails the scream in the beginning perfectly as well. Now for The Clouding, one of the songs I found somewhat boring on Framing Armageddon. I really prefer Barlow with the first part of the song, he sings everything with more emotion, and it lifts the song up to a higher level. I do prefer Tim on the laughing part before the heavy section though. Still not a masterpiece of a song, but way more enjoyable than the original version in my opinion.  There is another re-recorded track on the ITunes Version of the single, A Charge To Keep. I was never a big fan of A Charge To Keep that much, it’s a pretty average song and Barlow’s voice doesn’t make it any better.

Conclusion – The new track I Walk Alone is nice, but not that special. The re-recordings of The Setian Massacre and The Clouding are good and really show that Barlow is still in top form.

Rating – 80/100

Review by JustinMetal88


~ by Justin on May 25, 2008.

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