Blind Guardian – Follow the Blind

Follow the Blind is the second full-length album from the German metal band Blind Guardian, released in 1989. Follow the Blind is a raw style of thrash metal which is pretty different from what they play nowadays. Is this second album Blind Guardian’s best or worst?

The album has some killer tracks, which are amongst my favorite Blind Guardian songs like the frantic Banish from Sanctuary, the amazing instrumental Beyond the Ice and the fan favorite Valhalla. The other tracks on the record are pretty average. The album begins with monks chanting for about 40 seconds or so and after that the band goes into overdrive with my favorite track of the album, Banish from Sanctuary. Banish from Sanctuary is filled with riffs, guitar solos and insane drumming, not to mention Hansi’s fine, rough, vocals. The chorus is pretty memorable as well. The next track Damned for All Time isn’t as great as it’s predecessor, it’s a pretty average song, like most the tracks on the album. Damned for All Time has a cool guitar duel though. Follow the Blind is the next song, the title track of the album, and one of the better songs. Follow the Blind is the most epic song of the album with a choir in the background and some acoustic guitar play. The song is filled with power metal passages with nice riffs and guitar solos.

Hall of the King is next, and this is where things get repetitive. This song is another thrashy song with some decent riffing here and there and a blistering guitar solo. The song is just a bit to repetitive. The same goes for Fast To Madness, it’s another repetitive track and I usually skip it when I listen to this record. Beyond The Ice is the album’s instrumental track and kicks off with some drumming action. Beyond The Ice has some killer guitar solos throughout the song and it makes this instrumental one of the best tracks of the entire record. Valhalla is the final track of this album and it’s a fan favorite because of it’s epic, yet catchy chorus. Kai Hansen ( Gamma Ray / ex- Helloween ) has some guest vocals on this track, and he does very well. Even though this song is one of the album’s best, it gets kind of repetitive after a while, just like some other tracks on this record.

What is left? Oh yeah, the bonus tracks! This record has two covers, the cover Don’t Break The Circle which is pretty good, and the epic cover of Barbara Ann!!! That’s right, Blind Guardian plays Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys! This cover is one big joke and shows the humour that this band has, even though they completely rape the song.

Conclusion – Blind Guardian was still experimenting with their sound, some songs are very thrashy ( Banish from Sanctuary ) , while others are power metal anthems ( Valhalla ). This record isn’t Blind Guardian’s best, but they would release amazing albums after this one with Tales from the Twilight World and Somewhere Far Beyond.

Rating – 68/100

Review by JustinMetal88


~ by Justin on May 19, 2008.

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