Lamb of God – Burn the Priest

Before they became Lamb of God, the band was known as Burn the Priest and after 4 years of hard work in the Richmond metal scene they finally released their self titled album. If you’re looking for an old school metal record, his probably shouldn’t be where your looking. To aptly describe this record I would have to say it’s a mix between hardcore and death metal, with a touch of punk rock attitude. Its an absolute riff fest that features some extremely technical parts, and some of the hardest hitting, heaviest metal that I have ever heard. This is a must have for any Lamb of God fan, as it shows the band’s roots as a death/speed metal band.

The remastered version that was released in 2005 sounds absolutely great. The guitar’s cut through with that oh-so-heavy death metal distortion, and the drums give you that feeling in your gut similar to the one you would experience on a steep roller coaster ride. The band sure knew how to get some good sounds in the studio.

I am fond of this record pretty much for historical reasons. Lamb of God has shown themselves to be ahead of other modern metal bands, and it’s interesting to hear how they started out. The music on this record is extremely raw, yet it’s not as primitive as one would think. There’s some really progressive stuff on it. In an interview Chris Adler (drums) stated that they kind of had to be ahead of the pack as there were so many good bands in he Richmond scene, so they decided to play some pretty intricate stuff to set themselves apart. I would have to say that goal is accomplished here. The only real complaint I have is of vocalist Randy Blythe – he kind of just seems to yelling incoherently and randomly, and his vocals melodies (if you want to call them that) seem to fall short at times. Also, his guttural scream hasn’t et evolved into the weapon it is today and I could personally do without it.

This is a solid record, with some mean as hell songs, but aside from one or two tracks, nothing really stands out here. I wouldn’t say it’s the most aesthetically pleasing disc. I just listened to the whole record and while I did enjoy it, it kind of al seems like one long song. For better or for worse, no song really sets itself aside from the rest of the album. I would only recommend this to fans of the death metal genre and real die hard Lamb of God fans. An enjoyable lesson, but the band will improve on later releases.

Rating – 4/10

Review by Bluto

1. Bloodleting
2. Dimera
3. Resurrection #9
4. Goatfish
5. Slavation
6. Lies Of Autumn
7. Chronic Auditory Halucination
8. Suffering Bastard
9. Buckeye
10. Lame
11. Preaching to the Converted
12. Departure Hymn
13. Duane
14. Ruiner

Original Cover

Remastered Cover


~ by Justin on May 7, 2008.

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