Annihilator – Metal

A lot of people have criticized Jeff Waters for not releasing a all out thrash record, but I say to hell with them. It may not be as ferocious as its predecessor, but “Metal” is still a decent alum and Jeff has managed to experiment without losing any of his integrity. Don’t fool yourself, that’s not as easy task. The other cool thing about this album is that it features tons of guest appearances by some of today’s top metal guns, including Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom, Angela Gossow and Michael Amott of Arch Enemy, Willie Adler of Lamb of God, and Jeff Loomis from Nevermore.

The majority of this disc stands as a testament to old school metal. This could have been released in 1990 and no one would have been able to know. Songs like “Clown Parade” , “Detonation”, and “Downright Dominate” (my personal favorite) feature some of the sickest solos in the world, and just crush every step of the way. I’m also quite fond of “Army of One” for the blistering riffs and homage’s to old school bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Motorhead, and Exodus. The oddball song on this record is “Couple Suicide” as it is not as aggressive as the rest of this album and wouldn’t sound out of place on the radio. Jeff Waters has been giving a lot of flak, but I like this song for its catchiness, sense of dynamics, and melody.

The vocals are a little weak on this record and can get somewhat mundane, but that seems to be a problem with most Annihilator albums. But it’s not so bad that the listener is forced to dwell on it. This record definitely gets the O from me, and I tip my cap to you Mr. Waters.

Rating – 7.5/10

Review by Bluto

“Clown Parade” (featuring Jeff Loomis) – 5:14
“Couple Suicide” (featuring Danko Jones and Angela Gossow) – 3:54
“Army of One” (featuring Steve “Lips” Kudlow) – 6:01
“Downright Dominate” (featuring Alexi Laiho) – 5:13
“Smothered” (featuring Anders Björler) – 5:09
“Operation Annihilation” (featuring Michael Amott) – 5:16
“Haunted” (featuring Jesper Strömblad) – 8:05
“Kicked” (featuring Corey Beaulieu) – 5:56
“Detonation” (featuring Jacob Lynam) – 3:54
“Chasing the High” (featuring Willie Adler) – 6:16

(track listing and guest appearances taken form


~ by Justin on May 5, 2008.

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