Iron Maiden – Somewhere Back In Time – The Best Of: 1980-1989

Somewhere Back In Time – The Best of: 1980 – 1989 is another best of album by the British heavy metal legends and it contains a selection of songs from the first seven Iron Maiden albums. They released this compilation so that the fans would have a perfect introduction for the band during their current Somewhere Back In Time tour.

WARNING – This review may contain spoilers about the current Somewhere Back In Time Tour Setlist!

” From the amount of tickets sold there are a lot of people coming to our shows this year who won’t have seen us before, so this is intended for them as an introduction, similar to previoius ones of this nature. As with ‘Edward the Great’ we will arrange for the front and back cd artwork to be available for you to print free nearer the release date so, if you want, you can have them for your collections . ” this is what Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood said about this release. However, there is something else about this new compilation album, it’s free! Well, it’s kind of free : ” In an unprecedented move to let younger fans hear, understand and appreciate the quality of these recordings EMI launch the unique SOMEWHERE BEST IN SOUND whereby the curious/adventurous can download the entire album without charge from as a high quality audio file (WMA) which is a typically powerful 320 kbps. Fans will then be able to listen to the entire album at their leisure three times before the download expires. The listener is then given a simple option to upgrade and purchase the album as a full traditional DRM-free download (so they can then copy or do as they like with the album). ” from the Iron Maiden website. Hmm.. sounds sweet. Well, is this compilation worth downloading / buying?

Needless to say, it is. As always, reviewing compilation albums is always a very hard task, because you will never hear everything you expected. Iron Maiden did a good job gathering tracks for this compilation, they compiled a solid tracklist. The album kicks of with Powerslave classic ” Aces High ” ( live version ) and is immediatly followed by another classic: ” 2 Minutes To Midnight ”. The other tracks on this album, are exactly what you would expect, The Trooper, Wasted Years, The Number of The Beast, Run To The Hills and other songs. There are some other tracks on this compilation, that I didn’t expect to be on this release, like Children Of The Damned. Children Of The Damned is a nice surprise, since it’s a very good song from The Number Of The Beast, and definitely one of their better songs.

Is there anything special, or something we haven’t heard before, like a never before released live version? Nope, everything on this compilation is ripped straight from all the previous albums. Even the live versions of the songs Aces High, Phantom of the Opera, Wrathchild and Iron Maiden are from Live After Death, don’t get me wrong, Live After Death is Maiden’s best live album, but I would have rather seen new live recordings from this tour instead. The rest of the tracklist is pretty solid, but I really missed some songs that they actually play during this tour, songs like Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, Moonchild and Heaven Can Wait. I would have rather seen those on this compilation, instead of seeing The Trooper for the 433523th time. But, The Trooper and the other tracks are Maiden’s biggest hits, so I can’t complain about that, I just wanted to see something else on this compilation, that’s all.

Conclusion – This is another solid compilation album, and it is a great introduction for new fans ( especially during this tour ). But, if you want a ( almost ) perfect compilation, go for Best Of The Beast ( 2 CD version ), that one is in my opinion still the best ( even though it only contains tracks from the 1979–1996 era. ).

Rating – 90/100

Review by JustinMetal88

1. Churchill Speech (0.49)
2. Aces High (4.36)
3. 2 Minutes To Midnight (6.00)
4. The Trooper (4.11)
5. Wasted Years (5.06)
6. Children Of The Damned (4.35)
7. The Number of The Beast (4.53)
8. Run To The Hills (3.53)
9. Phantom Of The Opera — Live (7.21)
10. The Evil That Men Do (4.34)
11. Wrathchild — Live (3.07)
12. Can I Play With Madness (3.31)
13. Powerslave (6.47)
14. Hallowed Be Thy Name (7.12)
15. Iron Maiden — Live (4.50)


~ by Justin on May 2, 2008.

4 Responses to “Iron Maiden – Somewhere Back In Time – The Best Of: 1980-1989”

  1. Just seems liek another cash grab to me. Maiden fans should own all the original records anyway

  2. yeah but all the kids that couldn’t see the songs live cause they weren’t old enough can now hear there songs in person.

  3. The tour of this album was really good to the ones that would like to see the classic songs live. I went to a show in 2009 (my first show ever) and, not aware that the setlist of 2009 was different than the one in 2008, I was pretty happy that they played Wrathchild, The Evil That Men Do and Phantom of the Opera. Songs like Aces High, Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Children of the Damned and Powerslave deserve to be played live more often.
    Although I wouldn’t recommend this album to someone (considering other compilations like The Best of the Beast, Edward the Great and Visions of the Beast), the tour was fantastic. I just regret that I wasn’t old enough at 2000-1 to go to a show of Brave New World Tour (their best tour – of their best album). Up the irons!

  4. Iron Maiden. Who the hell is dumb enough to say they suck? For the greater good of yourself, i suggest you pick up an album of them. If you don’t like metal in general, pick one up anyway. If you like metal, but dislike Iron Maiden, if you live in the the Harris County area of Houston, Tx, I’m gonna hunt you down and give you such a bad experience, not even God himself would recocnize you

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