Iron Maiden – No Prayer For The Dying

After the tour for the “Seventh Son…” album Adrian Smith announced his departure from the band in order to concentrate his life around his family. I think this might have had an impact on this album, as it is definitely Maiden’s worst record at this point. The synthesizers are completely gone, and the band has gone back to playing raw with just guitars, bass, and drums. However that doesn’t make this album any less corny. The album is not that bottom heavy for one, (crappy production) and some songs have more of a rock n’ roll feel to them than outright metal. One word can sum up my opinion of this record – Boring.

The opener “Tailgunner” has some good moments to it, even though it doesn’t really sound like an Iron Maiden song. The latter can also be said about “Holy Smoke”. WTF were they thinking on this one? This has to be the crappiest song the band has ever written – And the video is even worse! Check here if you don’t believe me ( A pink shirt? In a field of flowers? Hard to imagine this pansy is the same dude who was belting out tracks on the Live after Death album only 5 years prior.) The title track and “Public Enema Number One” pick up the slack a little bit, and are probably the best songs on the record. As for the next few songs…. I don’t even know what to say. There are so many flaws that I can’t even begin to list them. They’re all filler material! “Hooks in You” features the last bit of music Adrian Smith wrote before leaving the group, but that doesn’t make it any better of a song. It’s about as metal as the Strokes.

“Bring your Daughter to the Slaughter” also heralded in Dickinson’s solo career but as for the tune itself it’s a monumental failure. It tries to come across as rebellious ad creepy, but only succeeds in being contrived and goofy. At this point the cheese factor has reached exponential proportions. The only other half decent song on the album besides the three mentioned before is “Mother Russia”, and even that makes me fall asleep.

This record is just an outright failure. That probably explains why Maiden never plays anything off this in their recent tours. This is another disappointment from the band that dominated the British metal scene in the 1980s.

Rating – 3/10

Review by Bluto


~ by Justin on April 20, 2008.

7 Responses to “Iron Maiden – No Prayer For The Dying”

  1. This is indeed one of Maiden’s worst albums. I really like Holy Smoke for some odd reason though 😛

  2. Agree, this is Maiden’s weakest album – both song quality and production quality is poor. The reason why “Bring your daughter….” is so cheesy is because it was written for one of the Nightmare on Elm Street sound tracks. Only highlight for me is “Hooks in You”….

  3. I disagree scott, i think hooks in you represents everything thats wrong wth this record. its a good rock tune though….

  4. I agree – this is one of worst albums by Iron Maiden!


  5. How could you all say that about maiden you all are not TRUE MAIDEN FANS LIKE ME! i said it and im glad, this album isent special but it still has some little spark in it, bring your daughter to the slaughter is the best song on this album followed by tail gunner then holy smoke, how shameful that iron maiden has fans like you all, VERY SHAMEFUL!!!

    and if any of you UNGREATFUL fans dont know what this means, its mean IRON MAIDEN FOREVER!

  6. I couldn’t agree more: this is their worst album. It’s amazing how they have recorded incredible albums like Brave New World, The Number of the Beast and A Matter of Life and Death and were able to do this album. I don’t know how “Bring Your Daughter… to the Slaughter” has become famous. But after all I like the songs Tailgunner and Holy Smoke, although the lyrics and the video of the last one are really… well, you know. But still, this is the only bad album that Maiden has recorded. Iron Maiden is the best band from all times! Up the irons from Brazil and the whole fuckin’ world!

  7. dude i disagree,… this is one of my favourite albums! they’re all great songs!!!

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