Megadeth – Rust in Peace


Rust in Peace

Track Listing:

1.”Holy Wars…The Punishment Due” — 6:32
2.”Hangar 18″ — 5:14
3.”Take No Prisoners” — 3:26
4.”Five Magics” — 5:40
5.”Poison Was the Cure” — 2:56
6.”Lucretia” — 3:56
7.”Tornado of Souls” — 5:19
8.”Dawn Patrol” — 1:51
9.”Rust in Peace…Polaris” — 5:44

Do I really need to say anything about this album? This Album speaks for itself. Even for new fans or fans who never really listened to Megadeth, people still heard what this album is all about. The riffs, the solos… lyrics and and energy show the true potential of Megadeth.

To me -maybe not to others- this album shows more of the melodic side of Megadeth especially since of their new line containing Marty Friedman as lead guitar -hence the melodic and intricate solos- and Nick Menza on drums (By far one best drummers i’ve ever heard or listened to).

We all know how Dave’s sytle or riffing and hard to play riffs but “Rust In Peace” says it all. You want hard and fast riffs to play? All the songs on this album have a certain level of difficulty (Maybe except for one or two)and trust me, none of it is on normal and definitely not easy (only one maybe). Junior’s bass lines sound clean as ever especially the song “Dawn patrol”.

Mustaine’s political lyrics are evolving more on this album too, songs like “Holy wars…The Punishment Due” and “Take no Prisoners” and “Rust in Peace…Polaris”. This album is also the start of more -like I said before- of a melodic sound, songs like “Hangar 18”, “Lucretia” and “Tornado of Souls”.

This album is pure musical genius the only flaw I find in this album is that Mustaine’s vocals isn’t at its best. Honestly to me it sounds kind of forced and at times, too tired. If your a person of music you’ll love this album. If your more for vocal then maybe not. Overall a very impressive album (considerd his best work ever).

Sorry if this review is short but i don’t know what else to say. This album rocks!

As said by Dave Mustaine himself:

“Speed metal at its finest. Rust In Peace, baby!


Review by Reynaldo Santos Jr.


~ by jongmagee on April 12, 2008.

5 Responses to “Megadeth – Rust in Peace”

  1. This is absolutely Megadeth’s finest hour. This album is nothing short of a masterpiece. Hihgly recommended for any serious metal fan. Bu my advice is to find an older copy instead of the remmixed bullshit version dave put out. The backing vocals are completely redone and they do not sound good at all.

  2. Fuck yeah! Definately my favorite album by these fuckers…Wish they’d leave shit alone after they make it though…How many times do you have to remix man? IMHO they declined after this one..

  3. Wicked. Truly Megadeth’s greatest album IMO. Holy Wars, Hanger 18, Five Magics are all supreme songs from this album and are my personal favorites. I partly agree with Dime though. After this album was released, Megadeth went into a gradual spiraling decline with Cryptic Writings being their last decent album (Vortex was probably the last good song they made, again just my opinion).

  4. No big deal but you had Holy Wars under political lyrics when it’s actually about the comic book The Punisher (hence “the punishment due”).

  5. yes, that is true but that’s the second part of the song
    The first part is about holy and religious wars
    the second part -right after Marty’s clean solo- starts off the second part of the song which is about, like what you said,
    The Punisher, then the song ends by summing up both topics of the song

    hence the name:

    “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due”

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