Anthrax – State of Euphoria

After the monumental success of “Among the Living” Anthrax faced the daunting task of creating a follow up record that matched its predecessor in almost every way. Unfortunately they failed. In their defense they did not have a long period of time between album cycles and Island records was probably putting an immense amount of pressure on the band in such a short period of time. Whatever the case, this album falls just short of being an all time classic.

First the good news. “Be All End All” opens the album, and its one hell of a riff fest. Charlie’s drums provide the backbone and groove for this tune, and mixed with Scott’s tight playing this song is a perfect crowd pleaser in a live setting. The bad part is this is probably the best song on the album. So the bad news – after the first track all the meat is already out of the way. “Out of Sight Out of Mind” is built around a really cool staccato style shuffle riff and is enjoyable – just not great. “Make Me Laugh” is just a really bland song sporting some stupid lyrics and vocal melody courtesy of Joey Belladonna. I think I did laugh the first time I heard it – I really don’t know what they were thinking on this one. Aside from a cool groovy chorus this song sucks! Even though “Antisocial” is a cover tune, it is a staple of Anthrax’s live set. Its just perfect in every way for that purpose – perfect mosh pit fuel, and its got a great sing a long chorus. I remember crowd surfing in 2005 and getting a high five from Joey on stage. ( Too bad they cut it for the dvd.) The rest of the album kind of bleeds together – it kind of sounds like the band is just going through the motions.

It’s no surprise to me that Anthrax doesn’t really play anything form this album live. I really think that the record company put too much pressure on the band to deliver a follow up to “Among the living” because most of this album sounds too rushed and its full of filler material. It doesn’t SUCK, but the records is jus t… there. Unless you’re a real hardcore Anthrax fan I would recommend passing on this one. The good news is that a couple of years later, Anthrax released “ Persistence of Time” – one of the best albums of their career.

Rating – 5/10

Review by Bluto

1. Be All. End All
2. Out of sight, Out of Mind
3. Make Me Laugh
4. Antisocial
5. Who Cares Wins
6. Now It’s Dark
7. Schism
8. Misery Loves Company
9. 13
10. Finale


~ by Justin on April 12, 2008.

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