Megadeth – Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?


Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?

Track Listing:
1.”Wake Up Dead” — 3:40
2.”The Conjuring” — 5:05
3.”Peace Sells” — 4:03
4.”Devil’s Island” — 5:05
5.”Good Mourning/Black Friday” — 6:40
6.”Bad Omen” — 4:06
7.”I Ain’t Superstitious” (Willie Dixon) — 2:45
8.”My Last Words” — 4:55

By far (you’ll be an idiot to say not) one of the most influential metal albums ever made. This album put Megadeth on the spot and gave them the success they deserved. During its release in 1986, “Peace Sells… But who’s Buying?” was an album that wasn part of the movement during the days called -and still is-“thrash”. Just like the other albums they came out during that year, it reached out to young angst teens and angry adults alike. The energy of thrash music is just the same feeling of what the word means. The name “thrash metal” is enough and self explanatory, crazy and heavy fast riffs, instense speed and pounding of the drums, bass that gives it the rythym and sound it needs and powerful vocals to summ it all up.

Mustaine’s lyrics on this album are much
better (and i mean MUCH BETTER) and give out the energy that metal heads want to hear.

Subjects like:
Murder,(“Good Mourning/Black Friday”)
Cheating,(“Wake Up Dead”)
Demonic rituals,(“The Conjuring”) and (“Bad Omen”)
Hauntings of the past,(“Devil’s Island”)
and taking risks,(“My Last Words”),
gives this album a dark atmosphere. But this album also brings out some charm with a cover of “I Ain’t Superstitious” by the great Willie Dixon and also the start of more of his politcal lyrics on by far one of Megadeth’s most famous songs “Peace Sells”.

The guitar work in this album shows what Mustaine can really do ,with his fast and complicated riffing and his unique guitar tone (as well as Poland), his lyrics fit well too with the riffs that are being played. The soloing of Poland and Mustaine are awesome with Mustaine’s raw aggressiveness and Polands speed and soul that he puts in the songs really show the chemistry of these two musiscians. Junior’s bass is intact with all the instruments and the harmony is perfect and the bass riffs that Mustaine wrote for Junior are worthy too and fits well with the songs. Gar samuelsons drumming is of course (just like their debut) intense and is always on beat and the speed he gives and the fill-ins he does are worthy to hear.

Some flaws of the album could be the bad production it had back then, but Mustaine remastered this album and as well as all the others too with much better sound and added bonus tracks (but some people prefer original than the remastered one). Some people might also find that Mustaine’s vocals still might not be quite as good as other bands during the day but most (and die hard fans alike) recognizes the uniqueness of Mustaine’s vocals and how it wouldn’t been Megadeth without it.

This album fufills what a metal record should be:
1.Meaningful and or awesome lyrics
2.Talented riffs and solos
3.The harmonization of the instruments and vocals

Overall a metal album worth too have.


Review by Reynaldo Santos Jr.


~ by jongmagee on April 3, 2008.

One Response to “Megadeth – Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?”

  1. This is a very good album. The only Megadeth album that can top this one is Rust In Peace.

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