Exodus – The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A


Band: Exodus
Album: The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A
Release Date: October 2007
Individual Song Review:

1. “Call To Arms” – 1:33
This track is only a short 1 minute 33 second intro into the album. It starts off with drum beats in the background followed by acoustic guitar which then leads into a heavier decent riff which follows into the first actual “song” on the album.

2. “Riot Act” – 3:37
This is a great song off of the album. It starts off with one of Gary Holt’s usual more original type riffs. The drums are in and then after 30 seconds change pace and help create an even thrashier tempo for the song. Vocals come in at about 1 minute with Rob Dukes. The vocals are as harsh and brutal as ever. The song keeps up with a never-ending killer pace and a few decent but not-so original solos. Overall because of the main riff and drums this song is a great one to bang your head to.

3. “Funeral Hymn” – 8:38
The song opens up with Gary Holt doing some repetitive solo stuff on the guitar while a heavy riff plays behind him. At about 22 seconds the main riff comes in. It’s definitely a pretty sweet riff but not anything out of the ordinary in terms of Gary Holt. At about 1 minute and 23 seconds the riff changes up, however its nothing I haven’t heard before. Vocals are again just as brutal as the first track, they are clean throughout most of this album however, which turns some people off, however the vocals are good either way. The song continue to progress changing riffs several more times as well as a lengthy couple of solos but sadly they as well as not very original. I suppose it’s hard for Gary to come up with anything jaw-dropping to someone like me who has listened to practically every piece of music that exists. Overall the song is very heavy but nothing very original.

4. “Children Of A Worthless God” – 8:25
Opening riff is pretty decent I suppose. It continues along until at about 45 seconds when the new main riff is introduced, along with vocals about 10 seconds later. This riff is only decent as well, as it’s nothing original and doesn’t stand up to what Gary Holt has written in the past. This precise song is the reason why, along with other songs, that this album has a political and religious feel to it. In This song Rob Dukes is mainly speaking out against those in the middle east that kill in the name of their “God”. The main solo which comes in at 3 minutes 50 seconds is actually a little more original as it has more of a distinctive sound/feel to it. This song overall is great stuff because of a couple riffs as well as the solo and the continual brutal drums and vocals which speak out against senseless violence/killing and people who die for their fake Gods.

5. “As It Was, As It Soon Shall Be” – 5:16
The intro riff which also becomes the main riff is a pretty heavy and decently original riff. Rob Dukes is again singing out against those in the middle east, war and so on. The first solo comes in at 1 minute 30 seconds and is really quite another good one that has a pretty good groove and distinct feel to it. The next solo in the 3 minute range is alright, but nothing great. The main riff continues along as Rob Dukes continues to sing about weapons of mass destruction, middle east, America and so forth. This song overall is good but not great. Mainly because there’s only really about 2 different riffs and the main one is played for basically 90% of the song. The first solo is quite good but the second is O.K.

6. “The Atrocity Exhibition” – 10:33
This very long song starts out with an intro riff by itself which then at about 49 seconds leads into a new riff with insane drums that are going a million miles an hour as always and don’t let up. The riff isn’t all that great, very heavy but nothing any metalhead hasn’t heard before. The first solo that comes in is pretty awesome, it’s quite a different style for Gary Holt and fits with the song perfectly as the riff playing behind it slows down to accompany it. At 4 minutes 59 seconds the solo is over and a new riff comes in. This riff is pretty kick-ass and at 5 minutes 30 seconds both guitars are playing it together as heavy as possible. The next solo comes in at 6 minutes 56 seconds and although isn’t super original is a great display of Gary Holt’s methods and abilities. The solo speeds up and slows down continuously and is pretty sweet. A new riff comes in after the solo is stopped. The riff continues for about 20-30 seconds until its then mixed up a bit and played even heavier and is pretty great stuff. The song overall is definitely one of the best if not the best songs on this album. Although everything about it isn’t superb or original overall the song is top-notch.

7. “Iconoclasm” – 7:54
This song blares in with some screech off of the amps and the drums doing a repeated roll. The main riff isn’t too bad, the vocals start off with a distorted effect and then goes clean after 20 seconds or so. At 2 minutes 51 seconds everything stops and then a new riff is introduced. It’s pretty killer, as drums and then the other guitar join in with it. The first solo of the song comes in a little while after although its not very original and isn’t anything that great. The next solo isn’t too bad, its got some originality to it and is fast as usual. Overall this song gets its pretty decent amount of greatness from the killer riff that comes in at 2:51, overall though it’s just a decent song in general.

8. “The Garden Of Bleeding” – 5:49
This song starts off with a heavy and short/slow played riff. It continues until at 1 minute 16 seconds in when a new riff comes in with drums. The riff is pretty sick and eventually blends and slightly changes itself into a lesser version of itself. Amazingly enough there are no solos in this song. At about 3 minutes and 20 seconds the song repeats the intro again until it gets back into itself and increasingly becomes heavier again. The song overall is O.K. at best, however the pretty sick riff which isn’t played very long is certainly a highlight of the song.

9. “Bedlam 1-2-3” – 19:51
The song starts off with a basic riff accompanied by occasional placed drum parts. At 1 minute and 4 seconds the riff changes and is a pretty good one. At about 1 minute 38 seconds the riff changes up again this time becoming much faster and the drums go crazy as well. This new riff is also pretty original and very very heavy, making for a good mix and some great music. The solos for this song are up to par with most of the others, meaning that they aren’t that original, they are pretty heavy and fast but its nothing we haven’t heard before. The song continues on and then after it finishes has an “outro” riff that fades out and ends at about 7 minutes and 45 seconds. The rest of the space on the song is blank and then a 6 second “hidden 10th track”.


This album is incredibly heavy, and that’s not saying it lightly nor giving it its due. However, just because its heavy doesn’t mean its the greatest thing on earth. You must have originality in the mix to have something be good. Something can be heavy but sound like everything else. Originality is the key to making a good if not great album, and so on. Originality in all aspects of the world, movies, music, and so forth, must exist or else how can anything be good if its just the same as everything else, or perhaps just a recycled version?

Either way, this album is definitely worth it. I would highly reccommend buying this album for your collection. You won’t be disappointed, unless you are a long-time Exodus fan like myself and thought it was going to be better than the previous two albums such as Gary Holt was saying and hyping up. Out of the 3 albums that Exodus has released in the past 4 years (Tempo Of The Damned, Shovel Headed Killing Machine & this one), I hold steadfast to my opinion that this is the “worse” of the 3. Although its an incredibly good album, so its hard to say “worse”.

For those of you who don’t know, this is Exhibition A, and within the next year or so the next part of the album will be released (Exhibition B) which hopefully will be another great Exodus release.


Review by JumpInTheFire


~ by Justin on April 2, 2008.

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  1. Great review man, gotta love Exodus.

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