Megadeth – Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good!



Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good!

Track Listing:
1.”Last Rites/Loved to Deth” – 4:40
2;”Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good!” – 3:06
3′”Skull Beneath the Skin” – 3:47
4.”These Boots” (Lee Hazlewood) – 3:39
5.”Rattlehead” – 3:43
6.”Chosen Ones” – 2:55
7.”Looking Down the Cross” – 5:05
8.”Mechanix” – 4:22

To some people this album is too raw, too low budget, too noisy, to others a master piece, an awesome taste of what this band has to offer in the future. Megadeth has always been a goup with constant line-up changes but with this album -the first OFFICIAL Megadeth line-up- shows that megadeth isnt holding back for anyone.

This album shows the intensity and aggression that Mustaine trys to puts out in his music. Though this was when Dave was still trying to “seek revenge” on his former bandmates (by forming a band of his own to “fight back”), the lyrics on this album talks about nothing of the kind. Dave instead talks about life and relationships (Last rites/Loved to Deth), biblical view points (Looking down the cross), or just plain partying (Rattlehead),or what any other metal band would right about.

The riffs are intense and some what threatening sounding, like the intro to “Looking Down The Cross” or the amazing riffing and soloing of “Skull Beneath The Skin”. Dave even puts some “soft” or “gentle”(if you can say that) influence on one song, Last Rites/Loved to Death”.
The song really gives a sense and vibe of what young metalhead teenagers or angst metalhead young adults or just any metalhead in general wants to listen to………..
Just straight full on metal.

Although Dave is most famous for his thrashy guitar work, he is really underrated about the lyrics he puts in his music. The lyrics on this album show meaning of things or shows what people think or do on a daily basis (mechanix for example talks about a horny mechanic, which many can relate to,). Even though Dave’s creative lyrics are mediocre at best compared to his future releases, they still show aggression and raw energy and fits well with the music of the songs.

But Dave Mustaine doesnt get all the credit, his guitar work is really good and stands out compared to the other bands during those days -the bands who sound just like each other-, the only flaw i find in Dave in this album is that his guitar soloing isnt as good as his future releases (just like his lyrics). Overall he shows the talent that he wants people to hear. Chris Polands rythym work is just as good as how Dave told him too play it and his soloing (even though he doesnt solo that much in this album) is quite good as well not the best of his work but still good. Junior (Dave Ellefson), bass lines fit well and flow, though some of the bass sound sounds like it drags off a bit (its just a minor flaw not particularly a big deal) still, the bass fits with the guitar work and drums. And last but not least(definitely not least) in Megadeth’s first offical drummer: Gar Samuelson
(RIP Feb 18, 1958-July 22, 1999). The drumming is as intense as any other Megadeth album, a really impressive drumming performace for a debut album.

Though not there best work (though some poeple and die hard fans alike say it is) and by far one of their heaviest (and some die hards consider this to BE their heaviest), this is still an album still worth listening too. Some people might find it to be to noisy or too raw, other’s like a said before, a good piece of work. Me ,in particular being a avid Megadeth fan, say this is an album worth listening too, to others not as much but to people who just wants to escape life and just wants to rock out or listen to the intense music we call metal
“Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good!” is definitely the album worth a listen to.


Review by Reynaldo Santos Jr.


~ by jongmagee on April 1, 2008.

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  1. Cool review man, I totally agree 🙂

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