Iron Maiden – The Number Of The Beast


Welcome everybody to the very first metal album review on Metal Mania! I will review a classic metal album today. The Number Of The Beast was released back in 1982 and was the definitive breakthrough for Iron Maiden. The album is special in many ways. This was the band’s third studio album and debut of the legendary Bruce Dickinson in Iron Maiden. This was also the last album to feature Clive Burr on drums. Well, enough history lessons, time for the review!

1. Invaders – This album starts off with a fast-paced intro, it is the shortest song on the album, but what does that say? Absolutely nothing! This song rocks from beginning till end. It has a crazy Murray solo and the chorus is catchy. Overall a very catchy song, and not as heavy as some of the other tracks on this record. ( this song reminds me of Invasion, a B-Side from the Di’Anno era. )

2. Children Of The Damned – After that frantic opening with Invaders, we have a eerie riff starting a great song ( which they don’t play live that often anymore ). The song starts almost like a ballad but kicks in by the halfway point and has some awesome riffs and a great tapping solo by Adrian Smith.

3. The Prisoner – ” I am not a number, I am a free man! ” a spoken intro from a British TV show of the same name starts this next song. After this we get a cool drum intro by Clive Burr, it builds up and all hell breaks loose after a minute and we hear some cool riffs and a catchy chorus. This song is one of my favorites and the chorus will haunt you for days!

4. 22 Acacia Avenue – This song is the second part of the Charlotte The Harlot saga and is another personal favorite. The song has some very interesting instrumental sections and time changes and Bruce sings ( and screams ) really good. This song has some cool solos and is one of this album’s highlights.

5. The Number Of The Beast – “Woe to you, Oh Earth and Sea, for the Devil sends the beast with wrath, because he knows the time is short… Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast for it is a human number, its number is Six hundred and sixty six.” This song is a true classic, it has the classic intro, a fantastic YEAAAAAAH scream, great ( and controversial ) lyrics, amazing solos ( even Harris has a bass solo! ) and a catchy chorus. No words can describe this awesome song.

6. Run To The Hills – Right after one of the band’s most popular songs is another one. This is a song every metal fan knows, it is, as said before, another popular and classic Maiden song, Run To The Hills. It has a classic drum intro and a galloping bass line. This song is about the American Indians. It’s written from both sides of the picture. The first part is from the side of the Indians. The second part is from the side of the soldiers. Bruce screams like no other after the ( amazing ) solo by Dave Murray, overall, another album highlight.

7. Gangland – It starts off with a great drum beat, but that’s the only cool thing about this track. This is the weakest song of the album and is one of the more unpopular Maiden songs and rightfully so. The song is pretty repetitive and not that exciting.

8. Total Eclipse [ 1998 Remaster Bonus ] – Total Eclipse was not included on the original album, instead being neglected to B-Side status in favour of Gangland. This song is better when compared to Gangland, but still nothing special. The song has some good guitar soloing and sounds very Piece Of Mind’ish. 

9. Hallowed Be Thy Name – This is the best song of the album, and perhaps even the the best song they ever made. This is one of the so called Harris epics. This song has the best lyrics from the entire album and is about a man facing the death penalty. The song has some crazy musical sections and Bruce Dickinson showcases his wide vocal range and power. This song has the finest dual solo of the album and it’s a real shame ( in my opinion ) that Janick Gers plays ( or rapes, whatever you want to call it ) Smith’s solo nowadays. This epic song, ends a classic album in the perfect way.

– The Number of the Beast was Iron Maiden’s breakthrough album and rightfully so. However, songs like Gangland and Total Eclipse, stop it from being the best album they ever made ( Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son is their best in my opinion ). Piece Of Mind ( the album that was released after this one ) is another album that I actually prefer above this one. I will tell you why in another review someday soon.

Rating – 92/100


2 Acacia Avenue
The Number Of The Beast
Run To The Hills
Hallowed Be Thy Name

Review by JustinMetal88


~ by Justin on March 29, 2008.

One Response to “Iron Maiden – The Number Of The Beast”

  1. A very good review, you described The Number of the Beast album like I’ve never seen before, mainly when you described Hallowed Be Thy Name. It’s really one of their best songs, it just looses to Sign of the Cross. Although Janick’s solo nowadays is really worse than the original one, I prefer it when he plays. Gangland and Total Eclipse are weak songs indeed. The final solo in 22 Acacia Avenue, played by Adrian Smith, is my favorite solo of Iron Maiden, together with the first one in The Trooper and the second one in Fear of the Dark. In my opinion, this album is better than Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, but that’s up to each Iron Maiden fan. But no album is better than Brave New World…
    Up the irons!

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